Croup, apnea, and hearing

Soooo… in my ongoing effort to keep this blog a place where I can go to remember T’s personal history, while also keeping friends/family current, here is an update.

T’s been getting croup every month since May. May, June, July, and August were all mild enough to only require a few days of prednisone but not ER. They mostly started in the MORNING, which means I can get on top of it with pred before night. (And yes, croup is actually worse at night, your body’s natural levels of something I’ve forgotten the name of lower at night, and that lets croup get worse. Will be discussing with God in the future.)

About Oct 10, I allowed myself to observe (in my head, not out loud, I’m not THAT stupid) that he hadn’t had croup in September. Oct 20, he had the worst croup episode to date. *note to self: never notice anything ever again*

This is from my Facebook: “So. This morning. T woke up at 5ish with a slightly stridory cough. I thought ‘I will need to remember pred before bed tonight.’ About a minute later, ‘no, pred right now.’ Went potty, came back, he was REALLY struggling to breathe and decided on er. Halfway to hospital, I decided I wished we had called 911. We got to er 15/20min after he woke up with the slight cough. O2 of 70 with a doc standing by to intubate.”

That is how fast he can crash with croup.  (struggling to breathe: retractions at collarbone and ribs, drooling, unable to sit or stand, coughing with every inhale.  Then halfway to hospital, he stopped coughing. He couldn’t.)

And when I say “doc standing by,” I mean, the doctor brought a chair and sat at the foot of the bed. Out of the way of the nurses and RTs, but RIGHT THERE. For an hour or so.

And then as I run down to the bathroom after he’s stable to a) pee and b) have a moment, I pass the doc quietly saying to another doctor that that was scary. Ha. Then he came back in to tell me “that was a pretty significant episode of croup.” I think he could see the crazy in my eyes that told him I was already well aware of that.

The thing about airways, especially in kids, or so I am told, is that they’re fine until they’re not. Even once we got his airway open enough to get his sats up, he was still NPO for several hours just in case, because having an open airway at that moment still wasn’t any guarantee that he wouldn’t suddenly collapse.

So, back to otolaryngology we go. Fortunately, we already had an appointment with them because his apnea’s been markedly worse lately, and the monthly croup plus worsening apnea seemed to be related/concerning, plus the whole Teddy-cant-pass-a-hearing-test thing. Does he need tubes again? Does he need hearing aids? I’m tired of being put off by local docs, I want this solved. (detectable fluid in ears doesn’t seem to be evident every time he doesn’t pass a hearing test, so…) So we’re seeing audiology and oto in January, which was the soonest they could get us in.


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