Another Evaluation, more puzzle pieces

Well, April saw us visiting ChildServe again (and remembering why we don’t like that place, lol) for another evaluation. I decided I wanted to see what a new set of eyes would say about what’s going on with him. I don’t want to get into everything, but Teddy just has a hard time with life in general and I don’t feel like we have enough pieces of the puzzle to really help him get a leg up.

So. They don’t feel that he’s on the autism spectrum, since he chats with adults readily and looks them in the eye. I don’t have the written reports yet, but that’s what they said verbally.

They agreed with the ADHD diagnosis.

They diagnosed him with Unspecified anxiety disorder.

They agree with the expressive/receptive language disorder diagnosis.

Their findings included “lack of coordination,” which isn’t new but is the first time anyone’s really just come out and said it, lol. Generally, he passes gross motor skills tests with flying colors, but they weren’t as impressed.

And they noted that he has retained primitive reflexes, and that addressing that issue might help the above issues plus his general developmental delays.

I’ve done some reading on retained primitive reflexes, but it looks like I’ll be doing some more.

They suggested IQ testing, but I think the neuropsychologist we see in Iowa City will be doing that in July. If not, we can always find someone who isn’t ChildServe to do that for us. I honestly don’t really want to. I’m not emotionally ready to find out we’ve got that working against us, too. But they’re the second or third professionals to suggest we want to have that checked, so… sigh.

They also suggested genetic testing to determine what caused the kidney failure but since none of them know anything about kidney failure, I suggested they stuff it. (I did this in my own head, I did not tell them out loud. Nobody seriously thinks the kidney issues might have a genetic cause. There is no Syndrome that causes a different defect in each kidney.)


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