Big Trip to Iowa City

I wasn’t really a Big Trip, just the first of its kind. 🙂

Last month, I took all 3 kids for an overnight in Iowa City. Despite tons of calling and begging, the derm only sees patients on X day, and cardio only does the type of appt we need on Y day, and neither party would budge. It didn’t make sense to drive out two days in a row, it didn’t make sense to have Randy miss two days of work because UI couldn’t be a little flexible. So I just took everyone and we made a trip out of it.

We started with Derm bright and early our first day. Eczema looks good, got some clarification on which creams go where and when. Yes, those are warts on his foot. Treat at home with liquid wart remover but if they multiply or don’t go away, call back immediately. Warts are caused by a virus and they can spread quickly in an immune compromised person. As in, he could be covered. The bad news: since the appt, the warts have doubled. We had 5, now he has 10. I’m treating but if we get to the end of the treatment timeline and they’re still multiplying, we’ll have to go back. They said they’d refer us to a peds derm here in town so we don’t have to drive out for treatment. Problem: I don’t think there are any.

Then we hit the hospital playground, the fun deck on 8th floor, the inpatient unit play room, a park in a suburb, and Burger King. And then we drove around for a while. We had been hoping to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, since it’s cheap, but they didn’t have any room, which of course we didn’t find out until 3 pm. 🙂

We ended up staying at our “usual” Iowa City hotel, which has a pool. And we ordered pizza for dinner. And we went to the pool twice. Teddy vomited. Not in the pool, thanks to quick reflexes. Everyone eventually went to sleep. We got checked out without leaving anything behind and got over to cardio just in time. 🙂

Cardio went ok. He had another Echo. Heart looks mostly the same. Since there are no big changes from last year, they expect it’ll largely stay how it is until puberty, when it’ll explode. Just like his kidney. So yay, puberty’s going to be fun.

OK, not really explode. But puberty’s when it’s more likely to get bad faster. So we’ll continue to have annual appointments for a few more years, and if it stays stable, we’ll move to every other year.