Feeding Therapy – new place

We ended our family’s services at ChildServe in the spring. We’d been unhappy there for a while, but staying was easier than leaving, until we found out that they had no real plans in place to address the spread of contagious illness among their patients. (they neither monitor nor alert immune compromised families when other patients have, for example, chicken pox.)  Not kosher.

We just started back up at Blank, and so far, I’ve been impressed.

ChildServe focused solely on introducing new foods. But none of the success we had with him trying (putting in his mouth and spitting right back out) new foods at ChildServe ever translated to success at home. He didn’t add any new foods to his diet.

The therapist at Blank has noticed, in just 2 sessions, that he has very weak muscles throughout his trunk, core, neck, face, and jaw. Now that he’s no longer really *afraid* of food (which he was for a long while, but he’s gained confidence as he’s learned how to control his gag reflex), he’s lacking the physical development to actually chew it. He can’t move his lips quite right, and he can’t move his tongue quite right. He also is still majorly lacking in confidence with movement, which we’d noticed, and she guessed correctly that he doesn’t enjoy swinging. It all points to the same problem he had when we started PT and that evidently hasn’t gotten entirely better – he doesn’t have a good sense of where his body is in space, and he doesn’t have a good sense of where stuff is in his mouth. This is why sometimes he puts entirely too much food in his mouth – he needs to fill it completely up to figure out where the food is. (but then he can’t swallow it so he spits it out.)

He also has very low confidence in himself, which shows up in ignoring you if you ask him to do something he’s not sure about.

So… we’re sticking with an every other week schedule for right now because he mostly needs to work on muscle development and that’s largely going to be on my shoulders to do at home. We’re starting with animal sounds, lalala, chewy tube, and wheelbarrow exercises. 🙂