Clinic Day April 2015

We started the day with nephrology. Teddy’s turning into an absolute GIANT these days, rocking the scale at 14.3 kilos in just a diaper, and a big 37 inches. He’s up a few pounds and an inch and a half over his last appointment. 🙂  Fatty.

Everything looks good from a nephrology standpoint. He had a few weird things in his labs, but they’re easily explanable by his phenomenal growth.

By the time we got to cardiology, Genna was really revved up and hyper and the doctor was very patient with us. He wants to monitor Teddy’s heart every year for changes, but as it stands right now, his stenosis isn’t too bad. There’s no way to tell how fast it’ll progress, so we’ll just keep an eye on it. It’s most important to keep his blood pressure under control, which obviously we’re already trying to do with nephrology, and have recently found the dose of anti hypertensive that works well for him.

Then we saw dermatology, who said that we probably wouldn’t have trouble with his dishydrotic eczema until fall again, but that I needed to embrace the cream and not fear it. If I hop on using the prescription cream as soon as I notice redness in the fall, it shouldn’t get as bad as it got.

However, he does seem to have “regular” eczema that flares up bad when his seasonal allergies kick in. It’s worse this year than it was last year.

That’s about it.


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