Kidney Walk

The Central Iowa Kidney walk was yesterday and Team Teddybear was representing! Technically, the team was Team KIDney Warriors, but Team Teddybear was the only component of the KIDney warriors to have anyone there.

This year’s walk was much more of an “event” than the first walk we went to, which was awesome. It was at the Fairgrounds, and though the route could have been more scenic, it wasn’t bad and it was a lovely day. I think they need to put a transplant recipient in charge of Germ Control for the event, though, lol. Evidently Team Teddybear should be called Team Nonconformist. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, nor of walking from here to there and back for no reason whatsoever, so when they told everyone to move from where we all were (literally, everyone) to another place a few hundred feet away to release balloons (humorously, directly into a tree), many of us stayed put. For one, many of our kids weren’t about to let their balloons go. For another, we were happy where we were, and since we didn’t plan to participate in the balloon release, we thought remaining where we were was a perfectly acceptable choice, and actually allowed for better viewing of the balloons. I didn’t realize some guy on the loudspeaker was yelling at us to come join the rest of the group. But I would have probably ignored it anyway, lol. We were fine.

Kidney Walk
Balloon Release. See? Better pictures from over where we were.

Kidney Walk

Kidney Walk
My sister drove over from Omaha and my cousin’s wife Heather and her son Nate drove down from Alta.

Kidney Walk
Teddy and his donor Tiff. Wish we would have thought to take pictures before the Walk, when he was still awake, lol.

Kidney Walk

Kidney Walk
When we got home, the kids all played outside. (Which is amazing in itself – Teddy spent the first several “outside play” days this spring standing at the fence crying to get back inside, but he’s moved on now to enjoying being outside after a few minutes, and even taking his shoes off and walking around the yard barefoot. AND he loves to play in the sand.) We came in when it started getting dark, and Teddy was soooo tired. He had a quick bath and then fell asleep before 9. 🙂


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