Random pictures of how adorable Teddy is

Who doesn’t want to see pictures of how adorable Teddy is?

20131225_061849 Sleepy Bear Sleepy Bear

Snuggly Bear

Sleepy Bear
Being Silly

Waiting for Daddy to come home

Teddy Taking BP Machine for a Walk
At Clinic, taking the BP machine for a walk

Taking a Bath. This is Teddy’s first honest to goodness bath in the bathtub sitting down. This was HUGE in our household. (Genna’s not taking a bath, FYI. She’s going for a swim. Hence the swimming suit. She hates baths. Loves swimming in our tiny indoor pool. Whatever.) (And Teddy’s not allowed to drink bath water. He hadn’t yet figured out how to successfully get the water to his face at the time this picture was taken.)

Teddy Bath
And he repeated it the next day, without Genna being there to boost his confidence.

Teddy Snow
Playing in the snow

Teddy Snow
Five seconds later.


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