Back in, back out

Well, by Friday, Teddy was only peeing less than half of his normal amount, more like a fourth. His temp, which had been more or less normal for a day ish, began to climb and climb even after I gave him Tylenol. He’d been having increasing trouble keeping his food in.

So, I called. Nephrologist said he preferred that we come in. So… at 11:00 pm, in we went!

All of his symptoms could have been nothing, could have been normal after tonsillectomy plus side effects from the pain meds. Or they honestly could have been early signs of something bad, and we HAVE to pay attention to potentially early bad signs.

So, we checked various things. Labs mostly looked good, which was a major relief. Did a urine culture (which takes 3 days), got him a fluid bolus. Hung out. He mostly slept, including during the day.

Sunday, we were cleared to go home. Then the resident came in and said that his urine was growing stuff, too early to tell what, and Nephrologist preferred we stay another day. (A uti in a transplant kid means inpatient iv antibiotics.) Ok. So I shower, start our laundry, we hang out, eat lunch. Nephrologist stops by and says we can go home after all. He’ll call if we need to come back Monday.

So… we drove home and got to des Moines JUST in time to catch Wally’s first guitar recital!


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