Always a Good Time in Iowa City

We had a really really long day in Iowa City on Thursday this week.

We started with GI at 9:30ish. GI’s kind of annoying because we actually see a resident, so she comes in and talks to us for a while, and then she goes out and talks to the doctor and then she comes back in with the actual doctor and we basically cover the same ground again. I understand why. But it’s a little annoying. So. The doctor didn’t want to do more invasive testing if we didn’t have to. Basically any options to proceed from here involve things that we don’t really want to do. Unless we really need to. But his doctor (a different one than we usually see) suggested something nobody else has suggested OTHER THAN other moms. Maybe he just is getting too much.

His caloric intake is pretty high for a kid his age. His fluid intake is pretty high for a kid his age (pretty average for a kidney transplant kid, though.) I don’t know how the volume of food he takes in compares to other kids his age, but I think it’s a lot. Evidently, there is something called “Toddler diarrhea” which is kind of a normal kid thing to have. So GI wants us to cut back on simple carbs (not like he gets a lot, but I have relied on fruits to increase his calories without increasing a lot of bulk, and because his veggies were so limited before transplant. (And we haven’t introduced a whole lot of new foods since then, what with all the diarrhea and removing various foods and taking out anything new to see if that helped, and all the diet screwing around I’ve done.) So his current blends usually have two fruits every day.

The GI doctor says to me “can’t you just replace the fruits with vegetables?” Well, it’s not that easy, what with veggies being generally lower calorie. But ok.

His other suggestion was to limit his fluid intake. This is where I start understanding why Dr. Jetton didn’t want to send us to GI pre-transplant. “They don’t understand our kids and just tell us that they need less water.” Yeah. Teddy gets the water he gets because it keeps his kidney happy and a happy kidney is Job One here.

So I said I wasn’t comfortable with that, so he checked with Dr. Zepeda (kidney doctor). Then he came back and told me that Dr. Zepeda was ok with going down by 250 on his water for 2 weeks and then checking labs. Okaaaayyyy….

Well, what Dr. Zepeda actually said was that it was OK to try reducing his water by 250 mL THREE DAYS before labs. I’m more oK with that than with going two whole weeks. And she also said she thinks it might possibly be OK – before when he was having trouble with dehydration, his kidney was still doing a lot of wasting but it should be better now.

So we’ll see. I’ll update on the rest of the day later.


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