Today you are two

Teddy is 2

Dearest Teddy,

Wow. I can hardly believe that you turn two today. As I said when you turned one, there were days we weren’t sure we’d make it this far.

The two years have both flown by and crawled past slower than molasses in January. I can’t believe you’re already two – and I can’t believe you’ve only had two years to experience everything you have experienced.

At two, you are still so busy. You have things to do. Mostly, the things you need to do involve taking things out of containers, picking up things that I’ve set down exactly where I want them (like my phone – you’re always bringing me my phone!), or your favorite – tearing up things with your teeth!

Yes, you are a voracious teeth-tearer. No paper or cardboard – no matter how thick – is safe from your teeth. You’ve destroyed board books. School work. Dollar bills. Artwork. Pictures. And lots and lots of boxes. This is not my favorite toddler activity.

You’re still a relatively new walker, but you’re confident and  unafraid. Now you’ve mastered climbing – at least on low things – and you couldn’t be happier. Gravity does not apply to my Teddy, no. When you’re done sitting in your high chair, for example, you just stand up and step off – confident that either someone will be there to catch you, or that you’ll sprout wings and take off.

You love to snuggle – especially in the morning. Well… you have two options for morning. Either you want to snuggle for a while before really waking up – or you pop your eyes open and wonder why we’re not already out of bed and playing with toys.

You delight in new skills. You’ve been diligently working on stepping up onto things, stomping, and jumping, though you have not yet mastered these skills.

It’s been great being your mommy these last few years, Teddy. Here’s to a great (and perhaps more boring?) next year.


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