Blake gets a new kidney today

Early on after Teddy was born, I hooked up with a local mom/family with a baby who started dialysis in the NICU in Iowa City but who was 9ish months older. Blake’s and Teddy’s journeys have been different, even though their diagnosis is very similar. Today is a very important day for Blake and his family – he’s getting his new kidney!! Blake will also under go bladder reconstruction at the same time.

Blake’s donor is Steph, a frequent commenter here at Teddy Bear’s Journey, and lifesaver to me personally – Steph lives in Iowa City now and has brought us meals and onesies to the hospital. Steph wanted to be tested to be Teddy’s donor, but the amazing and awesome Tiff beat her to it. I believe God was working in that – Tiff’s kidney is perfect for Teddy, and Steph later decided to see if she was a match for Blake – and she was!

Prayers for all involved appreciated – for Blake, his family, for Steph and her family, for the surgeons and nurses and doctors. Speedy recoveries, smooth procedures, and a good working bladder and kidney!


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