Not necessarily “for a reason,” but more “used for good.”

I don’t like the phrase/concept that all things happen “for a reason.” I guess I don’t doubt that all things DO happen for a reason… but I do doubt that all things happen for some big Cosmic reason. That seems to imply that God’s up there with the strings in 100% control of what happens. And that doesn’t jive – in my opinion – with how the Bible portrays God. I believe that people can act outside of God’s plan – but that their doing so doesn’t necessarily foil God’s plans. God having a different sense of time than we do – seeing all times at the same time – means he knows what’s going to happen, what has happened, what is happening, but that doesn’t mean he MAKES it all happen. Just like how, in some circumstances, I know exactly what my kids are going to do – but that doesn’t mean I make it happen.

I do, however, strongly believe that God can use all things for good. ALL THINGS.

When my friend Abby’s first baby was born, she was born VERY early, and ended up needing oxygen for a while even after she came home. It was very scary for them, I’m sure. I didn’t know Abby then, but I know that having a baby with lung issues would scare *me.*

In addition to her health concerns, this baby also developed the lovely “breath holding spells” that Teddy has. Which scared her mom half to death, as you’d imagine.

A few years later, Abby and I meet and become friends. God clearly had a friendship in mind for us two and I’m so blessed to have her in my life. I have not been nearly the blessing to her as she has to me.

Fast-forward to last weekend. Teddy stops breathing and loses consciousness while crying. Yeah, I was scared. But I also knew – because I know Abby and we’re friends and we’ve spent countless hours talking about our kids – that that is a thing that some kids can do. I was scared, but I wasn’t, you know, completely and totally freaked out.

Since then, I’ve been able to learn from Abby’s experiences with this breath-holding thing, and talking with another mom who’s experienced it with a baby with health concerns was very reassuring to me.

Through her experiences, which doubtless seemed pointlessly scary at the time, Abby was able to be a (further) blessing to me in a time of need. That’s not WHY her baby was born early, with lung issues, and the genetic predisposition to stop breathing and lose consciousness. But it *is* a situation that God was able to turn around and use for good – to benefit another of His children.

I need to keep this thought further to the forefront of my mind. 🙂


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