New Rule: Only Mommy puts on Pee Bags

Quite apart from our whole scary false alarm yesterday, we had an interesting clinic visit. And we made a new rule. Only Mommy Puts On Pee Bags.

Last clinic visit, I was holding Teddy after the nurse had put on the pee bag and noticed that pee was literally shooting out the side of his diaper, onto my chest. It was awesome. I held him away from me and let it drip onto the floor (and then cleaned it up).

This week, different nurse, but same shooting pee out the side of the bag problem. But this time, he was sitting on my lap getting labs. THAT was even more awesome. I couldn’t move.

2013-10-17 09.04.37

*a pee bag is a plastic bag with a hole in it that’s covered in adhesive. You tape it around a baby’s parts to collect urine.


One thought on “New Rule: Only Mommy puts on Pee Bags

  1. This totally happened to me when I was in the hospital with my daughter and no extra cloths. Thankfully they brought me some scrubs and a friend later brought me some of her pants til my hubby got off work. Hope you get home soon!!

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