Our Teddy Bear's Journey

Theodore was born with renal failure. This is his story.


on September 23, 2013

2nd September Admission
Mama’s shoes. Note: He’s nowhere near a good enough walker for this to be anywhere nearing a good idea.

2nd September Admission
I didn’t have any stitch markers with me – I switched knitting projects that I was going to bring with me at the very last minute, and the bag I grabbed wasn’t fully stocked. Ugh. But this loop from a strip of gauze worked ok.

2nd September Admission
Sleepy Bear.

2nd September Admission
A friend brought me a delivery from home that included my blender!!

2nd September Admission
We, uh, had a rather large breastmilk mishap.

2nd September Admission
Going for a walk. The shopping cart actually makes him fall down more.

2nd September Admission

2nd September admission
600 mL of breastmilk, every night.

2nd September admission
We went to the preschool activity of foam painting. Instead, we played with All The Cars.

2nd September admission
He was VERY MAD that he could not GET IN the Barbie car and ride it. He kept trying to jam his foot in through the door. Those things are so funny, because you know there’s no convincing a toddler who has not developed a sense of conservation that he cannot fit in a car that’s less than half as big as he is.


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