Being In The Hospital With Teddy

Let’s get this factoid out of the way right off the bat. I do better with babies. Or preschoolers. Toddlers are fine, and it’s a fun age, and yadda yadda… but I need a break from toddlers. Just, you know, a small break, even. At home, if I can, in the evening, I let Teddy wander off to wherever daddy is and I take a LONG time getting his meds and night feed ready and sometimes just give up the pretense and sit down and watch some TV or read or knit without someone needing something from me. It’s nice.

At home, Teddy has two siblings to play with, entertain, and annoy him. He has a whole house to wander and play in. Toys like crazy.

Here… Well, here it’s just me and him. 24/7. Me. Teddy. This Small Room. This Small NOT TODDLERPROOF Room. I think he broke the computer in the room we were in last week, and he’s turned this one off at least three times, because no matter how many times I pull the chair in front of the computer to block it, it always gets moved back. Why do they have the computer at toddler level, anyway? Perhaps I’m supposed to keep him in the crib all day? Fat chance.

He hasn’t been sleeping great – his nap yesterday was 10 minutes – so I’m not even getting that as a break. And today, our nurse didn’t manage to remember to bring in the bag for the feeding pump that I had specifically asked for, so I’m up manually plunging in water every 10-15 minutes, which is hardly a relaxing break, either.

They do have volunteers who will stay with him so I can take a break, and it’s tempting, except I know that he’ll be terrified and miserable the whole time I’m gone. And he’ll be clingier for a few hours after.

Being on isolation this trip so far hasn’t been great, either. We can’t go to the playroom or to look at the fishies, or anywhere else on the unit. Ugh…


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