Playing Outside

We got home last night, and this afternoon, Teddy played outside! In the backyard! With the other kids! For the first time ever!
He’s always had this thing with grass. For a while, he also hated concrete, but he got over the concrete thing earlier this summer and LOVED scooting along the sidewalk. But he continued to be really really anti grass. Any time he spend outside, he either sat on the big swing with us, or he sat on a blanket and basically cried the whole time.
Today, suddenly, grass was ok.

See? This was his first non-hysterical contact with grass.


Genna was being silly

Teddy even went down the slide. Dozens of times. And he had absolutely zero hesitation about that. (he’s such a daredevil, though.)

I didn’t take pictures, but the swing was a no-go. Absolutely NOT.

This is the pool ladder, laying on its side.


He tried to climb up like Genna, but couldn’t do it. Sad baby.

Wally did his Kung Fu practice outside.



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