Teddy Eats

Sometimes Teddy will not put things into his mouth at all. If he *wants* to eat, though, this is what usually happens.

(ps, yes, we’re back in disposables. I’m worried that he has C-Diff now.)

teddy eats
Toast in my mouth. I wanted some because Genna was having some.

teddy eats
Wait, what? I have something in my mouth!

teddy eats
Well, let’s get that stuff out of my mouth. Blech.

teddy eats
Well, now what? I’ve got this mushy stuff on my fingers…

teddy eats teddy eats
Here’s a good spot. Under my butt.

teddy eats
mmmm…. toast.

teddy eats

teddy eats
Wait… I’ve got this junk in my mouth…


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