Teddy’s been having some digestive issues (diarrhea) and misery (screaming pain). We’re still trying to solve that mystery, but they wanted us to come in to be admitted yesterday, so here we are. No answers yet, and we may or may not go home later today. If it’s not C-Diff, I vote that it’s either the cellcept, or it’s food-related, though I’ve been unable to come up with any sort of food-related pattern. I’m going to start pulling things from his diet and we’ll see what happens.


Shoulda seen the other guy
The morning before we came in, Teddy fell of of furniture four times. Landed on stuff. Bruised himself up.

Playing Playing
Yes, he’s playing on the floor. I’ve given up on this battle. I don’t let people walk over in this area of the room and we try to keep the floor clean that way. I also have a floor cloth I found on clearance at Toys R Us, but he’s largely not interested in being on it.

Doctor Who
Here he is, rocking his Doctor Who jammies.


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