Words, Words

Immediately after Teddy’s transplant, his vocabulary went DOWN. Significantly. And it had me a little concerned. He still seems to have lost many of the words he had before, like All Done. He hadn’t said or signed it since the early days after his transplant. He woke up and said/signed All Done nearly constantly for days and days. And I think he has given up on it, since clearly saying all done doesn’t in fact make one actually all done.

But he *is* finally adding new words.

Like Shoes! Shoes are among his favorite things. Not to wear, of course. But to throw down the stairs. It’s an ongoing experiment about gravity.

He formerly only had one animal word. Bird. He signed Bird and said Chicken (or, cheh cheh). Dogs, chickens, horses, everything was Sign Bird/Say Cheh Cheh.

But now, he differentiates between birds (sign bird/say cheh cheh) and Everything Else (sign dog except pat chest instead of leg/say kitty – keh)

What’s That? (wha da) Wherediditgo? (wh d d go) (which is ADORABLE and accompanied by spread hands and shrugged shoulders)

Mom. He finally started saying mom. And he says it pretty much constantly. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom mom. Mom. Mom.

Toe (which is, of course, his toes)

Beep. Sometimes with cars, sometimes not.

Bou – bounce. We bounce with every diaper change. Bou bou bou.

Ba – ball.

Today, he finally has poop (say,puh/sign a vague approximation of poop) and stinky (say tee tee/gesture waving hand in front of nose) back, which are among the words he lost.

I’m sure he has a few others that I can’t recall at the moment.

But he does speak fluent Teddy. It seems to be its own complete language. For example, he’ll repeat the same phrases in the same situations, days apart. The phrases clearly have meaning. It’s just a different language. πŸ™‚


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