Pictures of my adorable children, mostly Teddy

2013-08-19 07.45.20
So, Teddy and I sleep in the same bed together, and Randy and the other kids sleep in another bed. It works for our family. Teddy and I moved to a separate room when he started dialysis because there was no physical way to make dialysis work in our Everyone Together bedroom. And now, he will NOT be moved. He will not consider going to sleep in the other bed. So, we’re in here for a while. In the mornings, Genna gets up and comes in to snuggle me. Sometimes she goes back to sleep and I sneak out of bed and get the day started while the two of them sleep. One morning, I came back in to find them like this. awwwww.

2013-08-17 14.06.58
One day, I ran outside to do my chores quick. I needed to take care of some things with the rabbits and I decided to do Wally’s chicken chores for him, too. Came back in, found this. Teddy sleeping. On the kitchen floor. I’m such a good mom, I totally let him sleep there while I did a few more things before risking moving him. Teddy doesn’t allow you to move him while he’s asleep, usually…


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