Hot Chocolate Face

So Genna has this nasty thing she does where she eats hot chocolate powder. So she was having some the other day… and she was sitting at the table, eating it with a spoon. (I only let her have a portion equal to what she’d get if she were drinking hot chocolate.) And Teddy REALLY wanted some. So I gave him a small dish. He LOVED it. LOVED IT.


I suppose I should be happy that he was putting something that is at least sort of food into his mouth and swallowing it (or, more likely, just letting it dissolve)… but why can’t he want to eat something that’s actually food??

So far, he’s actually swallowed bits of bread (a long time ago), a goldfish cracker, a few crumbs of some vanilla wafers, a bit of yogurt (several times), a tiny amount of mashed potato, and the hot chocolate powder. Yogurt is the only thing he’s repeated eating, but he’s not reliable with eating it. Most of the time, he just shakes his head and says No.



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