Kids at Appointments

So, remember when I had a whole thing about how I don’t bring my olders to Teddy’s appointments? Well, they’ve come for all but one of his appointments since his transplant. They have both STRONGLY wanted to come, and honestly, I just haven’t had the heart to make them stay with someone else for the day.

It’s been OK. With one exception, they’ve behaved really well. They’re polite and they’re not wild. They’re not really benefiting in any way from being there, and honestly – Genna seems more traumatized from the experience than anything else. She loves to try to help him feel better, but so often these days, it just doesn’t work, and it hurts her to see him so upset. And I’m not sure that a day with me, sitting in the car and playing on iPods at the hospital is really any better for them than a day sitting anywhere else…

Anyway, we make an effort to get to the hospital at least an hour before our report time, so we have time to get ourselves organized, go to the bathroom, and visit the playground. That helps a LOT, because they can get their car-ride wiggles out before having to go sit quietly in the clinic.

2013-08-29 08.45.37

2013-08-29 08.43.39

2013-08-29 08.36.54

2013-08-29 08.36.14

2013-08-29 08.34.49

2013-08-29 08.34.37

2013-08-29 08.34.00


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