Having fun

Teddy helping Wally Exercise

Wally laid down a few days ago to do some sit-ups and Teddy thought it was the perfect chance to snuggle. (that’s hot chocolate leftovers on his legs. he wanted my hot chocolate cup that had a bit left in the bottom and I wasn’t about to say no.)

Teddy helping Wally Exercise

Then he realized that Wally was really sort of like a big ride.


Teddy helping Wally Exercise

The next day, Teddy is enjoying some naked time – his second time being naked since his transplant, and the first naked time that didn’t involve rubbing poop into his incision – and found Wally doing push-ups. “what is this?” he said. “It must be some sort of fun ride!!”  When Wally slacked off on the pushups, Teddy jumped up and down on him.

Teddy helping Wally Exercise

Whoo hoo! This is fun!!   (sorry about the extreme closeup of Genna’s dress on the left and the camera strap on the right.)



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