Dining Out

This week’s update from BabyCenter (yeah, I still get the BabyCenter emails) was “Don’t let your toddler’s unpredictable behavior keep you from enjoying an occasional meal out.”

This reminded me of a blog post I’ve wanted to write for a while. Dining out. With a tubie. Who doesn’t eat orally.

Even when we could go out to eat (we can’t right now), I hated dining out with Teddy, and we rarely did.

Because he doesn’t eat.

Think about dining out with your toddler. You keep them busy with toys until the food comes, then you have something new and fun – the food. They eat for a while, maybe play with the food for a bit, and in between helping them eat, you are somehow also able to eat your meal. After the food, they can usually be entertained with toys again.

Now, take away the food portion, and picture trying to keep your toddler busy at a table with a high chair and a few toys, all of which must disappear if they hit the floor.

Yeah. Gets old quick.  It’s really the one time that I strongly wish Teddy ate orally. Most of the rest of the time, I’m ok with the no-oral thing. I mean, we’re working on it. I’m sure he’ll start eating orally at some point. And if he doesn’t start on his own, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It’s not a priority. But sometimes, it would be nice to eat out and not have it be so stressful with him.

(Though at this point, it doesn’t matter because, like I said, we’re not dining out for germ reasons.)


One thought on “Dining Out

  1. Eating out with an oral eating toddler is no fun either!! He doesn’t eat enough to stay engaged and often vomits on his plate, the entire booth or the floor! We rarely eat out either…it’s highly over rated 🙂

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