Completely awesome people I know

We’ve been so blessed to have the support of so many people here locally, I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for the physical support we’ve received.

While I was still in the hospital with Teddy, different people brought a meal over to Randy and the kids every night they were here without me. Randy can cook (he’s an excellent cook, actually), but not HAVING to cook meant his evenings were much less stressed, which helped the kids out a lot, too.

Then after we got home, it was a good week and a halfish before I had to cook again, which was so wonderful.

A neighbor has been mowing for us while we were gone, and she wants to keep mowing as long as the grass needs it this year, even though we’ve told her Randy can totally do it now.

Andrea and Steph brought me snacks, food, and Onesies for Teddy while I was in the hospital, and Abby sent yummy baked goods. One of Steph’s friends also brought me dinner. 🙂

My mother in law, father in law, and sister in law have helped with the big kids, even taking Wally to the doctor when he got a sinus infection.

I know people were taking good care of Tiff with meals, too, which makes me super happy.


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