Stent removal

This week, we got up at 3 am and left the house at 4 to make it to Iowa City by 6. whoo hoo, good times. Teddy’s procedure to remove the tent the put in his ureter during his transplant was scheduled for 7:15. I thought Teddy would sleep in the car, but true to his “I never do what you expect” nature, he stayed awake the entire time.

So, he was fine in the waiting room – particularly, it was a new waiting room to him and he potentially thought we’d taken a long drive just to play with some cool new toys. Then we walked back to the weight/height station and he FLIPPED OUT. Yes, Teddy Bear has some serious medical anxiety these days.

He’s fine at home on the baby scale. He flips out at the doctor’s office.

Then commenced an hour(ish) of waiting for it to be “time,” and Teddy shrinking back and whimpering any time any new person came in, particularly people wearing scrubs. And then they’d leave, and he was fine.

2013-08-15 06.41.54

They let me go back with him and hold him while they put the mask on him, which he didn’t like, of course. The procedure was pretty quick, less than an hour.

For some reason, they all said that he’d probably be pretty sleepy when they woke him up and he might just nap for a while. I said, ha ha ha ha ha. You don’t know my Teddy. Literally, I said, “hahahaha. You don’t know him very well, but I can pretty much promise you, he’ll pop wide awake and be screaming in seconds.”  Yup. I was right.

Their plan was to just bring him to me in second stage recovery, where I was waiting, but instead they came to get me because he was “pretty unhappy.” Um, so I could have found him on my own once we got into the hallway, that’s how loud he was screaming. But he calmed down somewhat once I got ahold of him.

I’ve noticed that in recovery, they always want you to sit in the chair with your kid. But I always stand up and bounce/sway with him, because he likes that much better than sitting still. So we did that a little, and after about an hour, he calmed down and I changed him back into his onesie and put him in the wrap and that helped a lot, too.

2013-08-15 08.37.07 2013-08-15 08.28.43

As we were getting ready to leave, the nurse was getting ready to take out his IV when I mentioned that we were heading over to the clinic for our weekly clinic appointment, and she suggested she could call over there and see if they could draw labs from his IV instead of having to poke him again – WIN!!

It all went well, he survived Surgery #14 with no issues whatsoever, and was pretty much back to normal by the time we left. He cried when he peed for the rest of the day, but didn’t seem to have any other issues. 🙂  (they, uh, remove the stent by way of the urethrea.)


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