We came home Monday

OK, I kept meaning to blog about the rest of our hospital stay and that we were discharged on Monday, but I kind of kept not having a chance. We slowly got Teddy back on his home feeds, and then they said we could go home Sunday. Then they said Monday. Then Tuesday. I pushed for Monday and we went home Monday.

The last three or four days in the hospital, his biggest problem was grouchiness from being confined. The first day he played in the morning, then took a nap, and then played in the afternoon, I knew I finally had my Teddy back. (he’d been so tired from playing mornings that he was sleeping the whole rest of the day.) He would have LIKED to explore the whole hospital. By Hybrid Crawl/Butt-Scooting around in his bare feet. But his mean mama doesn’t want him picking up nastiness from the floor. But then I learned that ChildLife has a mat!! A little square mat they use for PT, but we asked nicely and they let us borrow it for his floor! And that’s where he spent most of his days when we weren’t out walking. And the awesome part was that most of his doctors (except the transplant surgeons) did their exams down on the floor with him. And he started tolerating the stethoscope again.

I forget what day it was that we finally ditched the IV pole – Friday, maybe? Oh, Heaven.

So Monday, we came home!!! Yay!!!

And Tuesday I did laundry and cleaned the house and Wednesday we did fun things with the kids. Genna and I have walked with Teddy every evening together. Wally’s getting back into his routine. We’re looking forward to Robot Camp next week, and the Science Center is working with me to help me avoid taking Teddy inside with all those kids. πŸ™‚ Pictures in a bit.


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