Oral Skills (sort of an update for Sue, lol)

(from Early Access – Teddy’s OT) I don’t have a picture, but yesterday, Teddy ATE A GOLDFISH cracker. He put it in his mouth and mushed it and scooped it out and handed it back to me and then he took it back and swallowed it. πŸ™‚ Amazing!

In other oral skills development, he has to have Nystatin 4 times a day, on an oral swab that’s like a small sponge on a stick. The first week was rough, but this last week, he opens his mouth willingly when he sees it, lets me or the nurse rub it around – and even permits us to rub his back teeth, the back part of his cheeks, etc. Sometimes he gags, but he doesn’t *usually* vomit, and when we’re done, he likes to continue to play with the oral swab, running it all over his mouth, not gagging, and even getting the back teeth and back part of his mouth. All of this willingly.

The part that amazes me is that he lets other people do it, he’s been very anti-other people putting things in his mouth. AND that he gets his back teeth – when he chews on straws or whatever, he only ever uses his front teeth, and prefers not to let anything get too far back into his mouth.

Hopefully this is a first step to eating food… πŸ™‚ Or even drinking water.


2 thoughts on “Oral Skills (sort of an update for Sue, lol)

  1. It’s my 50th birthday today!!!!! Out of all my gifts, this is the most precious one of all!!!!!! Best news on a great day!!!!!! Missenna Ruth’s

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