Common Post-Transplant Questions Answered #3

3. Is he all better?

Yes and no.

Teddy’s transplant should make LOTS of things better. We won’t know for sure right away, but it should help with growth, with development, with how he feels. Obviously, it’s adding DECADES to his expected lifespan. When his body’s not putting so much effort into staying alive, it should be able to put more effort into motor skills, language skills, and just simply energy to play.


In other ways, No, as difficult as it is to think about it this way, a kidney transplant is a treatment method, it is not a cure. He doesn’t get his transplant and then just go about life like any other kid. Even a year from now, when things have settled down, he’ll still have monthly clinic appointments (forever). We’ll still have to be really careful about germs (forever). We’ll have to avoid crowds, lakes, rivers, streams, some pools, ticks, sick people, some foods, and buffets (forever). He’ll have to avoid certain activities and take medication (forever). He’ll have to have his blood pressure, weight, and temp checked twice a day (forever). He’ll be watched pretty closely (forever).

He’ll still be pretty high-maintainance. Like a Ferrarri. 🙂

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