Day 13 post-transplant: There’s My Teddy Bear

I will say, I knew this immediate post-transplant period would be tough, but I guess I was picturing something totally different.

When I pictured him being intubated, I pictured him being pretty much completely out of it. But he was far more awake than I anticipated. I don’t know what I anticipated after that, but it wasn’t a week of mostly crying inconsolably in between naps. I don’t know how long I thought it would be before he was interested in playing at all, but I thought it would be sooner than 10 days. And I guess I didn’t have any real idea of how long I thought it’d be before he was really himself again, but I thought it’d be sooner than 13 days.

But yesterday, day 13 with his new kidney, there he was. He played in the morning. He took a nap. Then he played all afternoon and all evening. Previously, he’s played in the morning, and then napped all afternoon, waking up in the evening to spend some time playing while laying down, before going back to sleep for the night.

Yesterday, it was like his regular routine.

Today, now, he’s wiped out. Our donor, Tiff, said she went to the gym last week just to do a light workout of mostly stretching, and then she napped all the next day. Add in a serious case of the grumpies, and that’s Teddy today.


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