Last few days


Today, I feel like Teddy made another big leap in the part of his recovery called “getting back to being Teddy.” He stood up, and he also threw a huge temper tantrum.

But for the post part, he still sleeps a good chunk of the day.

Today, he’s had no morphine. At all. Last dose, before bed last night. (or possibly 5 this AM.) After some thought, I decided to go ahead and give his night dose tonight, just because.


His incision is infected, just under the skin level. Yesterday, Transplant came and opened up a few places along his incision and kind of dug around in there, scooped out a bunch of yellow chunky stuff (? I didn’t ask what it was) and irrigated it with saline and hydrogen peroxide. They were supposed to come back today but didn’t (don’t get me started on this). I heard they’re going to do it tomorrow again, but… well, I’ll believe it when I see it.


He’s up to 30 mL breastmilk every 2 hours since about noon today. We’ve just been ramping things up since he was on 5 mL every 6 hours last week. Tonight, he starts back on the feeding pump, 20 ml/hour for 6 hours. (normally, 100 ml/hour for 6 hours at home) Hopefully tomorrow after his procedure, we can start his blenderized food again. 🙂


He’s got really watery poop. Oh, man. I mean, they were going to start him on mirilax this morning because he hasn’t been pooping enough… and now I’ve changed 10 poopy (more like watery) diapers since 5. (it’s 9 now.) ugh. ugh ugh ugh. Cellcept (one of his antirejection meds) can cause watery poop, so we’re watching it for now… we’ll see.


So that’s what’s going on with Teddy.


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