Best. Day. Ever.

(Teddy has had a fever – his temp is still elevated but hasn’t gone over the cutoff they established for defining “fever” since last night. Everyone’s being very cautious and he’s on a few antibiotics and we’re watching him closely.)

Let’s start from the beginning.
This is NOT a picture of Teddy’s kidney, it’s one I found on the internet. But this is what Teddy’s left kidney looked like prenatally:

And it looked slightly different after we drained it after he was born, but not substantially better.

Here’s what his right kidney’s always looked like:


Last night, Teddy developed a fever, and it’s got everyone being pretty cautious. We got sent over to ultrasound. And I got to see this:



I cried.

I still cry every time I see it.

It’s a kidney. I mean, it’s shaped like a kidney. Look, you can see the outer parts where the filtration takes place and the inner part that collects the urine. It looks like a kidney.


I’ve been wanting to see something resembling a kidney inside this kid since I was 20 weeks pregnant.


As I said on Facebook when I posted this, I’m not sure I have any way to really communicate to those of you who are NOT parents of transplant recipients how emotional this is to look at. I mean, the picture of the nice plump pink healthy kidney sitting inside his abdominal cavity was great, but this has more meaning to me – this is the insides of the kidney – the important parts. The “kidney” parts. I’ve never seen Teddy’s kidneys from the outside (except once they took them out), but I’ve been looking at those fuzzy, misshapen lumps on the ultrasound for over 2 years now.

I just can’t get over it. 🙂

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