Overall, I love our hospital

I know I can get a little owly from time to time, particularly on Facebook, about the various annoyances here. And there ARE annoyances here. No place is perfect. But, overall, I really love UI Children’s Hospital.

I was chatting with one of the custodians this morning – Cindy. Jose, the other custodian, has been cleaning Teddy’s room, but she knows us from previous visits and always stops to say hi to Mr Teddy. As we were chatting, she was telling me about how she recently had surgery and her doctor wasn’t sure she was ready to come back to work, but she missed the kids too much to stay home any more. 🙂  And, she said, her coworkers would call and tell her X and such a patient was in and they were looking for you.

That is just plain awesome. She doesn’t have to care about the kids here. She doesn’t have to interact, learn names, chat with parents. But she does because she’s a kind, caring person. And she’s not alone. All of the people who are on this floor on a regular basis are generally very kind people who go above and beyond their jobs like that.

And I’m sure other hospitals are the same. I doubt children’s hospitals are in the habit of hiring grumpy trolls. But it’s one of the things I like about here.


2 thoughts on “Overall, I love our hospital

  1. Love this! I feel the same about ours. There will always be grumpy people, but the people who make the difference to do those little things really are what makes these places shine.

  2. I loved the cafeteria staff at our children’s hospital. I hated leaving our baby in the NICU but needed to eat. It was comforting to see the same people in the cafeteria day after day. I’m sure they see parents at their absolute worst so it’s nice to have a friendly face or just a smile.

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