Our Teddy Bear's Journey

Theodore was born with renal failure. This is his story.

Graphic pictures

on July 19, 2013

I am posting from my phone, so I hope these are big enough to see. If not, I’ll post from the computer in the am.




3 responses to “Graphic pictures

  1. Stacey says:

    How big should his kidneys have been? It took me a minute to realize that was the same ruler, showing inches on the top and centimeters on the bottom. (and I assume they are not supposed to be so bumpy, for lack of a better term.)

  2. sarahtar says:

    About 6.5 cm would be an average size for an 18-24 month old. No, they should look like smaller versions of Tiff’s nice gorgeous healthy kidney.

  3. Kris Harrigan says:

    That is an amazing picture! Puts it in perspective!

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