Catching up: Wednesday

Sorry for the utter lack of blogging. Teddy will not allow me to use the laptop if he’s awake, and he didn’t really sleep much the day before his surgery. 🙂 

We got to the hospital bright and early at 8 as requested, and nothing much happened until 11 or so, making me wonder why we’d bothered to come in so early. We got most of Teddy’s labs and his IV put in with “only” 3 pokes and about 45 minutes of screaming.

We’d planned to spend the day hanging out in his room with the whole family, but shortly after the kids and daddy arrived after lunch, we got a roommate. (They’re doing some construction on the floor and a good chunk of the rooms are blocked off right now, so they’re really squished up there.) Since the shared rooms don’t have much space for families, we ended up sending daddy and the big kids back to the hotel for more swimming. 😦

I took Teddy for a walk around 6 or 7 and he fell asleep. I was hopeful he would stay asleep all night and was settling in with him when in walks our nurse with a nurse from Transport to say that they needed more labs. Ugh. So we woke him up for labs, which wasn’t his idea of a good time. And I asked if we couldn’t also do the first of the two pre-op Chlorhexidine scrub-downs as long as he was already good and pissed.

And then he tried to go back to sleep, but just couldn’t quite get there. So he woke up to play. And play and play and play. At 10, recognizing that our roommates were wanting to go to sleep, I took him for a walk. We walked until close to midnight. At that point, I was so tired I couldn’t do it any more and decided that our roommates would just have to hate us because there was nothing else I could do. He was just awake. Playful. Talkative. So he played in his crib until 1:30. At 1:30, I had nodded off when I awoke to him crying. He had finally decided it was time to go to sleep and he was absolutely frantic about it. 5 minutes of sway-and-bounce and he was out. Finally.

He was very very restless all night, and cried off and on, so I slept with him in the crib (safer when he’s restless than having him in the chair-that-becomes-a-bed with me) until 5 when I just gave up.


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