so the surgeon was talking to us and he said oh, yeah, we took out his appendix.

Oh, ok.

He thought it was important we know. Um, yeah.

Evidently, it’s standard here to remove the appendix at transplant. Your intestines are generally always in the same-ish spot, but during the transplant, they move them all around and then they’re no longer “fixed” in their spot – they stay mobile. So his appendix could end up stuck up under his left arm or something. So then he gets horrible pain on his left side and nobody thinks appendicitis, because your appendix is supposed to be lower right pain. 

He also said that for whatever reason, the appendix often ends up resting on the kidney, and if he were to get appendicitis, it could damage the new kidney and it’s not worth the risk to leave it.

I don’t mind too much that they took it out, but I guess it was a little surprising that nobody thought to tell us this in advance.

And everyone keeps saying “well, it serves no purpose, anyway.” Ok, this is NOT TRUE. How arrogant can we humans be to think that just because we haven’t found a purpose, there must not be one? I seriously doubt that God, when he was creating Adam, said, “hey, I’ve crafted a finely running machine here in Man. Look at all those amazing systems, chugging along, delivering energy to all the cells, taking away waste, breathing in and out, circulating blood, hormones, brain, cells, mitochondria… amazing. Hey, I know, just for fun, let’s stick in a totally useless part. Poof – there. Appendix.”

Additionally, scientists believe that the appendix DOES have a function, and it’s to be a safe house for the good bacteria in your body. 


2 thoughts on “Appendix

  1. My son also had abdominal surgery and they took out his appendix during the process – didn’t tell us until after as well. I had the same reaction: WTH and why didn’t you ask our permission? The surgeon made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal but it wasn’t something I was comfortable with understanding after the fact.

  2. They also took my appendix when I had my hysterectomy. The thought was that with every surgery scar tissue is created, and if it were to become infected I would have to have yet another abdominal surgery. Two csections and one abdominal hysterectomy were enough, thank you. And, the pathology after showed my appendix happened to be infected, unbeknownst to me or my dr. I was asymptomatic. I was briefed beforehand of the plan. I agree that it would have been disconcerting to find out after.

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