An amazing, exhausting, miraculous day

They came to get us to take us down to the OR about 6:30. His surgery was scheduled to start at 7:15, but at 7, the nurse anesthetist came in to chat and said there was no way we were starting at 7:15. They eventually came to get him at 8 ish.

They let me carry him back, which was nice. They asked if he separated well and I said no, so they said, OK – let’s get you gowned up and you can bring him back. Yay. He was TERRIFIED as soon as we set foot in the OR, and screamed until they got him sedated. Poor baby.

Then we waited. They needed his room on the regular floor and didn’t have his PICU room available yet, so though my plan had been to get settled into the PICU, find a pillow, and go to sleep, we weren’t able to do that. So we wandered a bit, and we hung out with our donor’s husband and mother for a while, and I got a chair massage, and we hung out up in the dialysis area for a while, and we got lunch, and we hung out in the lounge on the peds floor for a while. We could have gone to surgery waiting, but I hate that room.

At some point, we got a call that his kidneys were out and they were now going to remove the donor’s kidney, and they also gave us the number for the OR. At 2 (6 hours in), Randy called the OR and asked for an update. They said the kidney was in, and they were fine-tuning. We have no idea what that actually meant. I think an hour or more later, the surgeon came to find us and said that he couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. The new kidney was already making pee and it fit right in there. He has a bulge in his belly, but they didn’t have trouble getting him sewn back together, which was somewhat of a concern.

Yay. We were obviously extremely relieved. 

We finally learned where his PICU room was and we headed there to wait for him. 

The hand-off was quite a bit more complex and time-consuming than I’ve ever seen, but at some point, I muscled my way up and found his foot so I could at least touch him. 🙂 He was still intubated and had approx 5 million things attached to him. Breathing tube, another tube in his mouth, an nG, an extension on his Gtube (to vent his tummy), three IVs, an IJ line (venous access), foley catheter, the monitors, and I think that might be all. Plus his arm restraints because he’s a booger.

After a few hours, they finally got him all settled, and I ended up deciding it would be OK to leave for a bit to get dinner, which ended up lasting entirely too long for my preferences.

He had a quiet night, for the most part. He kept waking up and the breathing tube bugs him, so he tries to cough it out and tries to pull it out (hence the arm restraints). He had a relatively good night (mostly just a repeat of the above – wake up a bit, try to pull out breathing tube, get sedated, sleep) and I slept really well which was super. 🙂


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