Being Normal People

Here’s been life since Teddy’s birth:

November-December 2011: in the hospital

January – February 2012: flu season, stayed home with ill, premature baby so he didn’t get sick and end up back in hospital.

February: hospital

March: hospital

April: hospital

May-June: Spring! Be Normal People!! Went to okoboji, Living History Farms, wading pool. It was like we were normal people. Except that people gasped in horror at the wading pool and the beach at Okoboji upon viewing Teddy’s chest, but whatever, people.

July: hospital

August – November: The Dialysis Nightmare. Hospital.

December – March: Flu season, stay away from anywhere other people might be because everyone I knew was sick or getting over being sick pretty much constantly.

April: Pre-transplant. Avoid other people in an effort to keep all three kids healthy for transplant (because sick siblings can’t visit and I didn’t need that hassle).

Then in May the transplant was cancelled leaving us….

Back to being Normal People!

It’s been literally a year since we were normal people. Like normal people who all go to the store together, and who go to the zoo, and who visit the science center. I actually even let Teddy crawl around at the science center. It’s funny that, any time I prepare to leave the house and GO somewhere, it feels odd and foreign to me. That being out in the community feels bizarre and like something I used to do in a different life.

I know we’re heading back into an isolation period, so we’re trying to get out as much as we can while we can. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Being Normal People

  1. I was shopping at Hyvee the other day, and saw you and your sweet Teddy shopping, normal as can be. He was fussing a little, you we trying to get the shopping done. I wanted to say hello, I’ve been reading about your family for quite some time now. I thought better of it. I let you pass by without the interruption of yet someone else commenting on your life, your reality. I hope I made the right decision. I hope you got your shopping done without interruption. I, like so many that read your story, I’m sure, wish I could help in some way. I don’t have the means to contribute to his fund, but know you are in the hearts of many.

  2. in a way i can’t believe he is as old as he is — time flies. I am so Praising God that he has made it this far ….i know there when times when THIS FAR was ion question. Prays continue

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