A quiet week?

I was going to say it’s been a pretty quiet week, but I guess I’m thinking now I have a skewed idea of “quiet.”

We got labs mid-week in town. And I put a pee bag on Teddy at like 12:00 that day, so we’d have some pee to take in to them at 2, but he still hadn’t peed by 2. I think he just doesn’t like the bag. Who would? I *knew* he had to pee, so after we got the blood work taken care of (or, at least drawn – I’m not confident they were doing the right stuff), I ended up taking the bag off him, holding him over the sink with a cup and asking him to pee. And he did. Yay. The lab ladies were amazed.

And then today (Friday), we went in for his skeletal survey (which is to check for evidence of various metabolic issues) at Blank here in town. Ugh. That was not fun. It was supposed to be a series of 18 xrays, but turned into 22 xrays because they had to repeat a few. It was not fun, their Child Life was kind of not helpful, and I had to argue to get them to let me be in the room. I have no idea what qualifies Blank to be a Children’s Hospital since literally every time we’ve ever gone there, we’ve been sent over to the adjoining Methodist (which is a regular/adult hospital).

This was the third time we’ve used Blank for something and the third time we’ve been disappointed. I don’t think I’ll be returning.

It’s entirely possible I’m just spoiled by UI. UI certainly isn’t perfect, but we get labs drawn by people who work with kids all day every day, and we get xrays done by people who work with kids all day every day. I don’t usually have to specifically ask for child life and the child life people come with an entire bag of tricks. (Today, the child life lady showed up with an ipad. Then she asked if he liked bubbles. I said yes. She said she didn’t bring any bubbles. I said I brought ours. The five people in the room all looked at me with strange looks. Yes, I travel with bubbles. Funny thing is, I’m not in Child Life!! They SHOULD travel with bubbles. Who doesn’t bring bubbles and the Baby Crack spinny toy?? Honestly! She just needed to bring bubbles and Baby Crack.)

Baby Crack: http://www.flashingpanda.com/files/1/LEDWandMeteor_Montage_s.jpg


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