Our Teddy Bear's Journey

Theodore was born with renal failure. This is his story.

While we wait

on June 7, 2013

While we wait for the transplant to be rescheduled, we’ve…

Gone to the Zoo:
2013-06-03 15.21.12

Gone for lots of walks on the rare days it’s not raining:
2013-06-02 20.13.19

2013-06-02 20.13.48

Eaten Doughnuts for Lunch:
2013-06-07 12.20.07 (she would not smile)

Fallen asleep on the way home from getting labs in our AWESOME Star Trek carseat cover:
2013-06-07 12.21.18

Done a lot of knitting. This is sock #1 of my Ayn Rand socks.
2013-06-04 14.01.00


And, like Tiff, I am also having dreams about the transplant. I dreamed that we went in for our next clinic appointment on the 17th and they said, “hey, call your donor, we decided to do the transplant this afternoon!”


5 responses to “While we wait

  1. Tiffany Tice says:

    So we are both dreaming of last-minute transplant…maybe I should go on a liquid diet 24/7 just in case?

  2. Momma Aimee says:

    you are not covering any more?

  3. sarahtar says:

    OK, isn’t it funny that you’d notice that? I’ve been forgetting lately – I think three times in the last week.

  4. Jamie Burdorf says:

    My favorite is donuts for lunch!! haha!

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