While we wait

While we wait for the transplant to be rescheduled, we’ve…

Gone to the Zoo:
2013-06-03 15.21.12

Gone for lots of walks on the rare days it’s not raining:
2013-06-02 20.13.19

2013-06-02 20.13.48

Eaten Doughnuts for Lunch:
2013-06-07 12.20.07 (she would not smile)

Fallen asleep on the way home from getting labs in our AWESOME Star Trek carseat cover:
2013-06-07 12.21.18

Done a lot of knitting. This is sock #1 of my Ayn Rand socks.
2013-06-04 14.01.00


And, like Tiff, I am also having dreams about the transplant. I dreamed that we went in for our next clinic appointment on the 17th and they said, “hey, call your donor, we decided to do the transplant this afternoon!”


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