Liver Biopsy Results and Where we Go From Here

Do you enjoy my random capital letters in my titles? I hope so.

This morning, I started bright and early with a call to the GI department at UIHC. I got their answering machine of course, but left yet another message, this one essentially demanding that someone call me today. They did.

Of course, we were trying to complete patient registration at the hospital here locally for labs at the time. And Teddy puked all over me, our bag, himself, and the floor. And the registration person actually got up and left and talked to her coworkers about how gross it was. Sigh.

So, anyway – the results!

It’s NOT autoimmune hepatitis. THAT makes me very happy. I will ask them at our next appt what the high SMA levels mean, then.

They said they saw some cells that you would expect to see with Hepatitis B, but his blood work shows it’s NOT Hep B.

They said it could be a metabolic disorder where his liver doesn’t make or store glucose the way it should, but you’d expect to see low blood glucose in that case, and he actually has somewhat higher blood glucose, but they said that the lack of low blood glucose doesn’t completely rule this out.

They also said that they supposed it could just be that the damage to his liver is secondary to his CKD. (I should note, this doesn’t seem to be too common.)

GI said as far as they were concerned, he was cleared for transplant. In the event the liver damage is just from the CKD, we would expect it to get better after the transplant, so really transplant is the best next step.

They did recommend doing another biopsy, but NOT through the skin – actually surgically. They thought this should be able to be completed during his transplant.


THEN they called back to say that renal wants us to talk with someone in genetics when we’re in on the 17th for clinic appts with GI and renal to discuss the possibility of a metabolic issue – BEFORE we reschedule the transplant. I’m beginning to wonder if we’re ever actually going to have a transplant.


One thought on “Liver Biopsy Results and Where we Go From Here

  1. what do they hope to find out from genetics? I am so sorry — so basically they think the transplant is the next step — but want another appt and round of talks before; what again saying transplant? I am so sorry

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