Puke Skills

I should note, I impressed the GI with my amazing puke handling skills yesterday. I just jumped up and hustled to the sink in the exam room and aimed his head, essentially pushing the doctor out of my way. He said something like “wow. You handled that really well, just calmly aimed him at the sink!” I’m all, “um, gee, got lots of practice.” I didn’t mention the times I end up cleaning spattered puke off the sides of the furniture, or the time he vomited all over the hallway outside the lab.


2 thoughts on “Puke Skills

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have often wanted those handy vomit bags they have at the hospital to carry in my diaper bag and keep in every room in the house. The puke shrapnel stains are all over our house. Many blessings to Teddy and to you!

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