Stump the Resident – aka – We Feed Our Kid Like A Human

In all of Wednesday’s hubub, there was a sort of funny sort of frustrating sort of happy moment.
The resident who would be handling Teddy during our stay stopped by, and the resident always has a list of standard questions they ask. Among them, what does his diet look like? Anything oral? no. All nG tube? No, all G-tube. (NG goes thru your nose) What formula is he on? He is fed a blenderized whole foods diet. He gets at least 600 mLs of fluid daily and approx 700-750 calories during the daytime hours and another 800 mLs of fluid overnight in the form of 600mL of breastmilk and 200 mL of water.  What rate do you run his food during the day? 100 ml/hour   And for how long? However long it takes.   Well, what volume of formula does he get during the day? It varies from day to day.   Why does it vary?  Because I don’t feed him the same thing every day. I use a different recipe every day. (I didn’t feel I needed to get into the fact that different foods have different amounts of calories for their bulk, as I felt that this was a basic fact that every human adult should be familiar with)   Why?  Because he’s a human, so I feed him like a human.  At this point, the resident chuckled and left.
He came back a half hour later, “Remind me, what formula is he on?”  He’s fed a whole foods, blenderized diet. I take regular food – grains, vegetables, fruits, fats – and blend them up and put it through his tube.   “hm. ok.”
A half hour later, the nutritionist came by. I said “I’ve never seen a resident as confused as our resident about Teddy’s diet.”  “Yes, I knew you were coming in today and I should have been here sooner.” The resident called her.
It’s silly how difficult this concept is. The nutritionist agreed with me that it should not be this hard. Can they not just write down that today, Teddy has 1 cup of oatmeal, a cup of cauliflower, half cup of broccoli, half cup of peas, an apple, a peach, a pear, 3 T of coconut oil and 2 T of olive oil plus 600 mL water? If he were eating orally, that’s what they’d write down. Just write it down that that’s what he ate, but it was blended up into a big smoothie. How is this so hard??
And I know I make it harder with the recipes varying. But screw that. I’m not feeding him the same thing day after day after day just to make their lives easier. They can cope. Some days he has more volume than others. They’re just going to have to get over it.
But the nutritionist came through again for us, with an attitude of “yes, this is kind of silly how hard this is, but that’s not your problem – it’s our problem. You feed him what you’re going to feed him and it’s my problem to figure out how to make it work with our system.”


2 thoughts on “Stump the Resident – aka – We Feed Our Kid Like A Human

  1. Funny! Some things that are so simple are so complicated in the medical world. I wish I could get Jax to eat a half a cup of anything. Solids are not his strong point. Way to go, keeping Teddy’s diet so healthy and normal!!

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