Teddy’s SMOs


Teddy has a LOT of flexibility in his ankles. As in, his toes touch his shins. I’ve mentioned it before. His other joints are also really flexible, and this means that he has a hard time crawling (his legs slip out to the sides), standing (he’s very wobbly), and will also have trouble walking.

Enter his new SMOs. (SMO = Supra-Malleolar Orthosis, it’s a brace that covers your ankle, basically)

Aren’t they adorable? OMG. So they provide stability to his ankles, which helps stabilize his whole lower body when he stands.



Eventually, the physical therapist would like us to have Teddy in his SMOs for all of his waking hours. With socks and shoes. Erg. I’m not honestly sure we’ll accomplish that, but we’ll see.

He isn’t a huge fan of them at the moment, but he doesn’t hate them. His biggest issues are: 1) he doesn’t like things on his feet  and 2) they are clunky and make it hard for him to stand up on his own, which is a skill he’s very proud of. I think he’ll get past #2, but not sure about #1. 🙂




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