Last Week

Teddy’s been sleeping on his stomach like this:


I bought a Corisafe. It covers the ports on his feeding tube extension. The ones he’s constantly chewing on and pulling open and pulling apart, all of which result in food and stomach contents going all over the place. I love it.



I am knitting TARDIS socks. Nearly done now.

TARDIS socks

We had a horrific experience getting some labs that were required for the transplant. We could only get them at one independent lab in town. LabCorp. They were inexperienced at drawing labs on babies. Five trips. Attempted draws on 2 trips, 2 attempts each time. Each attempt involved a LOT of digging. And then there was an exasperating conversation with the adult transplant coordinator trying to act as though the reason we hadn’t gotten the labs done was because I wasn’t trying. I don’t appreciate being treated in that manner.

Needle marks

This is the day after we finally got what we needed. You can see three sets of bruises – some from the attempts that were made 4 days prior. Every single vein in his arms was blown by LapCorp. boo hiss.

Needle marks

Here’s another view of the bruising.


One thought on “Last Week

  1. i am not sure who to but a formal complaint needs to be filed. this is inexcusable and unprofessional on so many levels. Poor baby Teddy and poor momma. when my youngest was 3 we had a lab from hell like ONE of your trips, my son hid under the table crying because of Little Brother’s screams

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