1 week to go: All Of The Above

Wow. I’ve been trying to write this post since Thursday, but I’ve got nothing to say that I haven’t already said. I’m still doing a fair bit of denial, but when that stops working, I’m nervous and anxious and scared. I’m still not excited like everyone seems to think I ought to be, and I’m pretty much done with feeling bad about that. I continue to answer “oh! Are you excited?!?” with “More like terrified.”

I am still feeling profound gratitude towards our community for all the prayers and support – I hope to be able to share our total funds raised over the last 6 weeks with you soon (it’s still trickling in from the auctions), but it’s a significant amount ad having that money set aside for Teddy’s expenses is so extremely reassuring and comforting.

Likewise, knowing we have so many people – friends and strangers – sending prayers and good thoughts our way provides an extreme amount of comfort. It’s amazing knowing that whether we’re headed for an easy time or a hard time, we’re not headed there alone.

I have a few more blog posts to put up before the big day, and then I probably won’t update on here again until after the surgery. I’m planning to update more frequently on Facebook, so if you aren’t following Teddy’s page there, you might consider it.



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