2 weeks: Joy

On top of all the less Rainbows and Unicorns emotions, there’s this one: Joy.

We have so much to be joyful for!

Our community has been so generous. Last weekend, we had Tunes for Teddy, which was AMAZING in terms of love and support from our community. For the last 6ish weeks, we’ve had an auction, to which so many people donated items and bid on items. We’ve had no lack of offers for meals over Teddy’s many hospitalizations, including this upcoming one. It is difficult and humbling to accept so much generosity – I think until you’ve been in a position to be on the receiving end of so much kindness, it’s hard to picture how hard it really is.

So. Many. People have been generous with their time, love, prayer, and kind thoughts. We have SO MANY people praying for us. So many people offering good thoughts, positive vibes. So many people – friends and strangers – keeping my sweet baby in their thoughts, caring about what happens to him. Amazing.

And there’s the overwhelming joy that my baby is going to get a chance to grow up and live a somewhat normalish life. Hospitals, blood draws, blood pressure checks, and doctors will always be a part of his life, but hopefully, a year or two from now, they’ll be a much much lesser part of his life.   And that he’s getting this chance before his health gets too bad means the world.

This morning, I was giving Teddy his morning meds and it struck me that in another 2 weeks, he *might* have regular blood pressure without the meds. AMAZING. He might have normal blood pressure and not need a bunch of drugs to make that happen. His new kidney just might be actually regulating his blood pressure for him. Wow.

Perhaps we’ll get to stop some of the shots, too. His new kidney SHOULD make the hormone that tells your body to make red blood cells, so he should not need me to inject it into his poor baby legs every week any more.

Those two things alone are huge to me. Amazing.


One thought on “2 weeks: Joy

  1. I’m soooo excited for Teddy and his chance at a normal life! He is continuously in my thoughts and prayers.

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