Teddy’s new Bag

Our Sugarbooger backpack was looking very beat up (it just didn’t hold up in the laundry, then Teddy spilled paint on it). The backpack that came with the pump is small, but not insulated. Teddy needed a new backpack for his feeding pump and bag.

DSC_0817 2013-04-06 19.07.36

I searched ALL OVER the internet looking for toddler sized backpacks no larger than 10 inches tall that were insulated. No dice. So I ended up deciding to go with a small lunchbag that I could add straps to. This Skip Hop lunchbag came from Amazon and then I added the orange backpack straps and a snap loop inside to hold the bag. It’s very sturdy – MUCH sturdier than the Sugarbooger bag ever was. It stands up on its own. It seems well insulated. Teddy seems to love it πŸ™‚ I think it’s adorable! Hopefully, it holds up to our daily abuse.


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