Let’s Talk Potty Training

Our older kids were both EC’d. (Elimination Communication, it involves learning to use the potty from a very early age, it’s not coercive, it’s just about watching your baby’s signals – babies signal that they need to eliminate just as they signal that they need to eat, if you pay attention to those signals, you and baby can communicate about elimination just as you can communicate about eating.) Wally was out of diapers by 12 months (I still put him in diapers for back up when away from the house for several months after just in case), and Genna was pretty much out of diapers by 18 months.

When Teddy was born, my intention was to start EC with him, but then the whole NICU thing happened. And his urinary system is not exactly normal. And then, you know, the thousands of admissions after the NICU. And he was so sick some of those times. It was just at the very bottom of my priority list.

Fast forward to the present day. I started setting Teddy on the potty as part of his physical therapy. I was supposed to think of ways to have him sit so that he had to actively engage his legs in order to remain upright. So, sitting on a pillow, for example, or straddling my leg. The potty seemed perfect. (and it was.)

Prior to this, I’d been letting Teddy have naked butt time and talking about pee, which is how I prefer to start EC with my littles. I sign Toilet and say Pee!! when they pee. So I set him on the potty one day while I was using the toilet to let him practice putting weight on his legs, and he peed in it.

Now, considering that he pees a lot and often, that wasn’t necessarily a surprise. 🙂 So I said Pee and signed Toilet and we went on our merry way.

A few weeks later, with barely any effort on my part, Teddy pees nearly every time I set him on the potty, tries to take his diaper off when he needs to pee, and sometimes gets pretty upset when he needs to pee but he’s stuck in his diaper. He occasionally wakes from naps dry and wants to pee in the potty when he wakes up.

It’s going really well, and without really any effort. I’m not going to sweat it if this is where it stops, but I’m surprised and happy that we’re at least where we are with this.

I’ve actually never had a baby as old as Teddy who’s still in diapers full time at the ripe old age of 16 months, lol.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Potty Training

  1. That is amazing! I wondered every now and then where you were with Teddy and toilet training (since I knew about EC with the older two), but then thought, ‘she has so many other things to worry about…’.

  2. Amazing! I’m going to try this with Jax this summer when school’s out! I’m simply amazed! How frequently does Teddy pee? Jax seriously goes small amounts every 15 minutes. I never even thought about training him until later in life(maybe 3). I’m inspired! 🙂

    1. Teddy pees often, but I actually think he might be in the normal range, though I guess I don’t know. I was setting an alarm for every 20 minutes with Wally when Wally was about 6 months, and Teddy seems to go about every 20-30 minutes. The difference is in how he pees and the volume. He CAN pee every time I sit him on the potty because he has SO MUCH pee. He also, because of the reflux, pees in bursts. There’s burst 1 and then burst 2. lol.

      1. Has Teddy had Urodynamics? That has been discussed for Jax in the next 6 months to year. He has another VCUG in July. He pees in bursts too!! They are so forceful that it sounds like a water hose spraying a car! The first time I heard it hit the side of the tub I thought my husband was spraying the windows.

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