Yesterday’s appointments

Yesterday was a big day for Teddy.

We started off in ultrasound, where Teddy helped the technician remove the ultrasound wand from his belly so he could rub his fingers in the goo and then eat it. I thought his kidneys looked kind of crappy, but I’m not a great ultrasound reader.

Then we moved on to a VCUG where they strapped him into the Baby Torture Device and jammed a hose into his penis and taped it there. He wasn’t a fan. He did manage to get his arms free, as well as his legs. Houdini.

Then a quick trot down to say hi to our favorite dialysis nurses.

And a visit with the urologist. Whose resident was shocked at the length of Teddy’s record. lol. Urologist said his bladder looks great, reflux looks worse but that’s not necessarily a concern. He thought they would want to remove at least the right kidney, but it’s not up to him. Bladder looking great is what we wanted to hear!!

Last, labs. Five pokes later, we finally had ALMOST enough blood drawn, and we gave up.


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